A day in the studio

A behind the camera look into how my studio is set up for a product shoot

A few months ago I was commissioned to photograph water beads for a product listing (those little beads that you soak in water until they expand, which can be used for decoration or plant pots)

This was quite a last-minute job, while still getting my studio set up, but as it’s such a small product, I made it work with an improv table set up, and actually I’m fairly pleased with the outcome!

After spending a day or two gathering up props and sorting out a background to suit the style requested, and with the help of my assistant Fiancé, shooting began.

Set up with the backdrop on a stand in front of the balcony window to allow it to be lit from behind, my tabletop tri-pod, a posable ring light off to the side, and an array of props, here is the outcome!

I can just imagine these being used for table centrepieces at a colourful wedding, or to add a spash of interest to a minimalist room.
(Though make sure they don’t get on your carpeted floor, you don’t want to accidentally squash them underfoot!)

I’m looking forward to using this little at home set-up again for a couple more small scale projects, but check back here soon for a look at how I set up for a full studio photoshoot!

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